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Friday, November 4, 2011


                            Tổng thống - President Obama: Photo from

After listened to the inspirational, well-delivered and powerful speech by President Obama, I would like to share an old poem that I wrote on the previous Election Day.


Today, I believe that there will be a total victory
For Senator Obama and the Democratic Party
I know that the Bush Administration is coming to an end
His government is mayhem
And Bush is out of touch and irresponsible for the last few months;
Luckily there is a new sun
Shining and electrifying the Obama phenomenon and it is a miracle
He is the symbol
Of struggle, of change, of desire, of dreams for all
He is the ultimate change and hope that we instill
For all Americans and people around the world
In Obama, we find new directions
He has the potential to be a great President
He’s charismatic and talented
Even though he grew up struggling like many ordinary Americans
He will bring fresh and better direction
In him, we trust and hope for the better future of many
Including my baby boys, Khang and Kiệt
My dear sons,
Your grandparents taught me that “Others’ success is your own success”
Thus, when you’re grown up, life will often have some messes.
Fix them whenever you can
and live like the two men
Of Nguyễn Công Trứ  ( 阮公著;1778–1858) or John F. Kennedy, who once asked-
“We, who are born as men in the world
What did you do for your country/society?”
Also, know that life is impermanence
So, live your life generously and balanced
My dear sons:
That is the true victory for one and for all
The victory you ought to cherish.

Election Day, November 4th, 2008.