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Walk With Me (Mindfully) - Promoting outdoor activities / hiking / backpacking / meditation for the our youths and GĐPT

Adventure Program / Chương Trình Dã Ngoại  
Walk With Me (Mindfully) / Đồng Hành Trong Chánh Niệm
Program / Chương Trình 

Walk With Me (Mindfully)
Promoting outdoor activities / hiking / backpacking / meditation for the our youths and GĐPT

What: Applying Buddhism and GĐPT principles and activities into the real life. 
Where: California Pacific Lost Trail 
When: June 15-17, 2018
Why: For the love of outdoor, GĐPT, mindfulness, and Buddhism. 
Coordinator: Tien Tran, advisors: Hiep Nguyen and Phe Bach
Participants: All three of us and maybe you (Htr. or ngành Thanh).
Cost: Free of charge, but must have an open heart and mind, smile and kindness along with the ability to walk and breathe. 
Contact: @TienZomby Tran, @ScottieNguyen, @PheBach

"Tôi có một ý tưởng! Tôi muốn đem lá cờ này, tôi muốn đem màu Lam này đến những nơi mà tôi muốn đến! Chinh phục những ngọn núi cao, thiên nhiên hùng vỹ. Để màu Lam này được trải khắp mọi nơi! Để tiếp nối thế hệ trước, để màu Lam này được trường tồn mãi mãi! Bây giờ chuyến đi của tôi lại thêm một ý nghĩa cao cả. Công sức bỏ ra thật xứng đáng. Nhìn xa xa đó chính là Half Dome. Niềm ao ước được chinh phục. Cơ mà bây giờ chưa được, kỹ năng, sức khỏe còn yếu. Nhưng một ngày nào đó lá cờ này sẽ được cắm trên đỉnh đó!" @TienZomby Tran - Location: Tunnel View, Yosemite

The Lost Coast Overview:
The Lost Coast is so named because this section of this section of land was too steep and rugged to build a road. Big Sur was tamed by Highway 1, but not the Lost Coast. Highway 1 veers inland 20 miles around this remote section of coastline. There are no roads or cars. Just getting to the trailhead is a journey in itself. The trail is fairly flat (there are a few hills to climb) but the terrain is challenging. Sections of the trail are completely impassable at high tide, making timing and tide chart knowledge essential. And the weather is highly unpredictable.

This 3-day trip with will have time to relax and have more time in the wilderness. We have more time to practice walking mindfully 

We'll do meditation multiple times of day. Đêm Tâm Tình Lam và chia sẻ kiến thức Phật Pháp. 

Trail Detail:
Distance: 25 miles
Time: 3 days. 2 nights
Difficulty: Moderately strenuous multi-day
Elevation gain: 50 ft
Start: Mattole Beach Trailhead
End:  Black Sands Beach trailhead.

We will need 2 cars at both trailheads. I can drive my car if anyone has a high clearance car we can use it otherwise we should rent a high clearance car. 

Please refer to these articles for details

Essential Gear:
Sleeping System:
-Sleeping bag (compact is key)
-Sleeping pad (must have)
-Backpacking Tent ( please bring a 1 or 2 person tent only, please ask Mr Hiep for gear borrowing. I have one person tent, I will lend it)

Clothing system:
-3x Base layer ( any quick dry clothes, NO cotton)
-1x Mid layer ( any down or synthetic jacket, lightweight jacket that keeps you warm)
-1x Shell (a rain jacket, a rain pant is recommended because we my hike in the water due to high tide)
- 2x hiking pants, quick-dry material 
-A hat ( we will hike directly under the sun, not much shade)
- An optional fleece pant to sleep at night
- At least 2 pair of hiking socks (such as SmartWool Mountaineering Socks, Darn Tough Mountaineering Sock. Good socks will prevent blister)
- Hiking shoes/Hiking boots (water shoes is optional if we must hike in the tide)

Cooking system:
- a bowl or a cup for food or drink tea.
- a water reservoir or water bottles that can carry at least 2L water (osprey hydraulic, Platypus® hydration packs or something like that)
- Cooking stove/ gas canister (Anh Hiep and I have one, followers dont need it)
- A Bear Canister (anh Hiep please bring your, I have one. I think 2 is good enough, we can rent one more at REI)
- Water filter system (Sawyer filter, anh Hiep please bring your, I have my system. It should be enough)

- Snacks for lunch (trail mix, Payday bar, Clif bar, PROBAR, dried fruits, turkey....)
- Some noodles for breakfast but you should keep it compact
-I will be buying backpacking food for you guys, its cheaper than REI!
- No Fruits

- First aid kit
-Toiletries ( sunscreen, bug spray)
- Headlamp / flashlight (must have)
- a small knife (optional)
- hiking poles 
- some toilet paper

After sorting your gear, please weight it! you whole backpack (include food and water) should weigh under 40lbs, under 35lb is recommended, under 30lb is ideal. If your weight is over 40lbs, it will make your trip worse. please leave some unwanted. My philosophy is all about minimalism, the less you carry, the more freedom you will have.

Prepared by: @TienZomby Tran, @ScottieNguyen, @PheBach

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