Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Mother's Mole

                                  My mother and Master Thich Thien Duyen. Photo - BXK
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My Mother's Mole           
     To my mom - Happy Mother's day.

This year, my mom will almost be 80-years-old
still that big smile whenever she sees her children.
She is even more graceful and beautiful
because of the mole under her lips.
Oh, my Mother's mole,
as beautiful as poetry
but it is also a question mark for life.
Ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and sorrow.
That is the truth of life - full of such.
My mother's mole - a question mark for life
from where does it come and where will it go?
My mother's smile with her bright eyes will last forever.
As if she is saying: Please stop that nonsense, son.
Happiness is wherever we are - present for each other
The past is gone,
and the future is yet to come;
do not bother or mind, my dear son
The now - the present time is simply pure happiness.
One day I lived in life is also a day I died in life!
You are my continuation
You're the flowers, the quintessence,
the manifestations of beauty,
also continue with what you perceive is right.
Yet, as I get older, my heart aches
Loving my dad more
Loving my mom much more.
Their lives were miserable for all of us
they poured so much sweat and tears
they devoted their entire lives and sacrificed
a whole lot for us.
Dad worked so hard as a fisherman,
Mother does everything to make ends meet,
still they have time to teach us how to do things right,
and to be the people we want to be.
Each time I look at her mole,
Oh, my Mother's mole,
as beautiful as poetry.
What is much more beautiful is the maternal love,
beyond a beautiful dream
untouched and superb.
Maternal love is as vast as the ocean
and as brighter than the sky
Infinite and precious.

In honor of my mother's day - 2012.

Phe Bach

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