Friday, December 14, 2012


                                      Our treasures Kiet and Khang - Photos BXK

Our condolences and prayers to the innocent victims,
families and Newtown, CT community.

As a teacher,
to learn the tragic news of Newtown community in Connecticut,
My heart sinks.

It does not
make any sense, what a sobering and unimaginable.
Sorrow and dreadful
Our hearts and prayers go to the young innocent victims
their loving families
and the caring community.

As I am driving home to pick up, my 4 year-old son, Kiet, I thought about these cutie faces and I expressed my love to him

I love you as much as an ocean.
He replied I love you bigger than the whole wide world
and that he would kiss me hundred millions time.
Once inside the home, as usually, my 6 year-old son, Khang, greeted and kissed me
Their kisses are juicy than ever and so are mine.
Our love and appreciation of life is deeper than ever
May all the victims are in the great hands of God.
May all at peace
May the healing soon take place in the hearts
and souls of the victim families
May peace spread in the hearts of all beings
May peace spread in the world.

December 14th, 2012.

Sacramento, CA.

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