Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cutting Mommy's Nails

Cutting Mommy's Nails
To our beautiful mother

While doing the manicure for mom
with her pale and skinny hands,
the embodiment of all of the care and love;
I realize they are reserved for us, her descendants

All the hard work and suffering
of a dedicated mother you are willing to bear
to raise your young to have strong wings
that can fly across different mountain ranges

Now that we are living together, once again,
We are loving and caring for each other:
From you, I learn how to love
with immense compassion.

Maternal love emulates the galaxies
in their immensity and eternity.
Doing the manicure for mom
reveals the echo of The Lotus Sutra.

Buddha mind is inside every one of us:
The Diamond Sutra - Our Mother's hands.

For Vietnamese version for this poem, please click here

For Vietnamese song of this poem, 
music by Nguyên Quang, please click here

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