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"Walk With Me" Mindfully (VIII) - Đồng Hành Trong Chánh Niệm (VIII): Hành Trình đến Limestone Rockwalls and Beyond

Adventure Program / Chương Trình Dã Ngoại  

Walk With Me Mindfully VIII
Promoting outdoor activities / hiking / backpacking / meditation for the our youths, GĐPT and family members

What: Celebrating Kim Quang parents, families and our youth.
Where: Quarry Trail to Limestone Rockwalls
When: Meeting at Thiền Viện Diệu Nhân, 4187 Duncan Hill Rd, Rescue, CA 95672 on Sunday March 24, 2024 

1. Diệu Nhân Dining Hall at 7:15AM - For breakfast (with nuns)  (Optional and RSVP to me)

2. 8:00AM - Words for Wisdom from Venerable Abbess Thích Thuần Tuệ and Q&A for youth and families.  (Optional)

3. Meeting at Diệu Nhân Monastery's parking lot at 9:00AM. It takes 22mins or 30mins to get here. You can carpool from here too (Optional). Quarry Trail Parking Area, Parking lot, Auburn, CA 95603. We'll leave at 9:15AM from Diệu Nhân Monastery.

4. Hike to the Rockwalls and have lunch there at the cliff. Discovery the place, take pictures and drive home. (You can drive back to Diệu Nhân to have lunch too, optional of course).

Why: For the love of outdoor, GĐPT, mindfulness, and Buddhism and Applying Buddhism and GĐPT principles and activities into the real life. It is also for family bonding time.
Coordinators: Htr. Tâm Thường Định - Bạch X. Phẻ 
Participants: Kim Quang Parents and family members. BHT and friends are welcome.
Parking space is very limited, so come early. "The designated parking lot you can park at for a fee, though it is relatively small. However, if this lot is full, you have other options. Just before coming up on this parking lot you'll notice a long string of cars parked along the side of the Golden Chain Hwy (49) on the right side. Park there and it's FREE."

Cost: Free of charge, but must have an open heart and mind, smile and kindness along with the ability to walk and breathe. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FOOD AND WATER. Maybe a dish to share, it is a pot-luck style.
Contact: @PheBach, anh Quý, chị Thư or chị Tú. Please RSVP at

The Trail Overview:
Check out this 3.0-mile out-and-back trail near Cool, California. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 8 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash.

Essential Gear (only if you want to go sometimes in the future):
Sleeping System:
-Sleeping bag (compact is key)
-Sleeping pad (must have)
-Backpacking Tent ( please bring a 1 or 2 person tent only, please ask Mr. Hiep for gear borrowing. I have one person tent, I will lend it)

Clothing system:
-3x Base layer ( any quick dry clothes, NO cotton)
-1x Mid layer ( any down or synthetic jacket, lightweight jacket that keeps you warm)
-1x Shell (a rain jacket, a rain pant is recommended because we my hike in the water due to high tide)
- 2x hiking pants, quick-dry material 
-A hat ( we will hike directly under the sun, not much shade)
- An optional fleece pant to sleep at night
- At least 2 pair of hiking socks (such as SmartWool Mountaineering Socks, Darn Tough Mountaineering Sock. Good socks will prevent blister)
- Hiking shoes/Hiking boots (water shoes is optional if we must hike in the tide)

Cooking system:
- a bowl or a cup for food or drink tea.
- a water reservoir or water bottles that can carry at least 2L water (osprey hydraulic, Platypus® hydration packs or something like that)
- Cooking stove/ gas canister 
- A Bear Canister 
- Water filter system 

- Snacks for lunch (trail mix, Payday bar, Clif bar, PROBAR, dried fruits, turkey....)
- Some noodles for breakfast but you should keep it compact
-I will be buying backpacking food for you guys, its cheaper than REI!
- No Fruits

- First aid kit
-Toiletries ( sunscreen, bug spray)
- Headlamp / flashlight (must have)
- a small knife (optional)
- hiking poles 
- some toilet paper

After sorting your gear, please weight it! you whole backpack (include food and water) should weigh under 40lbs, under 35lb is recommended, under 30lb is ideal. If your weight is over 40lbs, it will make your trip worse. please leave some unwanted. My philosophy is all about minimalism, the less you carry, the more freedom you will have.

Prepared by: @PheBach
CLOTHING (Only bring what you need)
  • Check from head to toe, get yourself light weight stuff. You only need 2 sets of clothes and one more to be left in the car for changing after the hike.
  • Beanie/face cover/mosquito net/hat
  • Base Layer (2 pieces) - I use Under Armour, Ice Breaker
  • Mid Layer (1 piece) - I use Arc'Teryx Atom Hoody
  • Shell (1 piece) - I use Arcteryx Beta Shell
  • Underwear (2 pieces) - Exofficio or Ice Breaker
  • Short (2 pieces) - Prana Stretch Short
  • Legging (1 or 2 pieces) - Ice Breaker or Patagonia
  • Socks (2 pairs) - I use Darn Tough socks
  • Shoes - Lowa Regegade or Zephyr
  • Knee braces, compressions - Your liking

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